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Supporting organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and action at moments of change, making sense and shaping conversations with Big Pictures.


Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Role of Relationships When Doing Business Transformation

Delta7 Change


Join us for a workshop at the Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe, 18th March in London.

In today’s business context the only certainty there is, is that everything will be uncertain! To be able to deal with the complex and ambiguous nature of the challenges we face we will be more reliant than ever on the quality of the relationships and conversations that we have in organisations. More often than not these are overlooked when a strategy is being considered and generally termed to be the ‘soft stuff’ while in our experience this is actually the hardest part of any programme to deliver.

Building relationships is at the heart of any successful culture change and central to improving performance in every organisation. Businesses today cannot afford to overlook the importance of relationship building when delivering transformation and culture change programmes.

In this interactive session, Eli and Chris will share how they use Visual Dialogue, Creativity and Narrative to build relationships across organisations. You will hear their insights on how organisations have tackled difficult relational issues, the latest thinking on relational leadership and take you through some highly engaging exercises.  They will also give you some practical tools to start building better relationships for change in your organisation.

For further details about the workshop and conference click here.