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Supporting organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and action at moments of change, making sense and shaping conversations with Big Pictures.

HR Transformation

What’s your story? 

Changing the narrative can reframe HR’s relationship with the business


Having a strong narrative that brings clarity of purpose and direction for everyone is at the heart of successful culture change. For HR transformation its about shifting the relationship to more of a partnership with the business, which is critical for achieving shared goals.

We hear from our clients is the HR story is changing. The relationship organisations have with employees is different with today’s workforce, the expectations and requirements having changed; new technology now provides HR the opportunity to take a more strategic role in the business advising on 'people' aspects rather than the traditionally transactional role. With this shift of role and purpose HR is, more than ever, under pressure to demonstrate what value it brings to the business, while at the same time change the perceptions of customers, manage their expectations and deliver business as usual. Not an easy task, and something that needs to be addressed not only at Board level but by everyone in HR.

If you are in the middle of an HR transformation programme, and are having to do it at pace, how can you be sure everyone is clear on its purpose and direction?

This is often the challenge we hear working with HR communities. People do not always have a clear understanding of what the transformation is for, what it’s trying to achieve and confused about what it will mean for them. There may be others who feel that the change has already been decided and it’s going to be “done” to them. So how can they be expected to deliver the change themselves and shift the perspectives of their customers? 

Change always tends to raise anxiety levels about how roles will change and whether jobs are secure and people react to this in different ways, especially when there is little clarity over the way forward. 

Our clients find that by developing a strong strategic narrative can help employees not only make sense of what the change means for them, but also gain a shared purpose as a team and be able to articulate that to their customers. By involving them in the development of the narrative employees start to take more ownership of their role in achieving it. When people have space to make sense of change, they can start to consider what they need to do differently both individually and also as a team.

We have supported several HR teams to create spaces for change to happen using our unique process of Visual Dialogue. We bring together the power of storytelling, picture making and dialogue for our clients. This brings a way to unify people behind a shared purpose and common direction, creating both a rational and emotional connection to their organisation and the change journey it’s on.

Visual Dialogue enables people to make sense of and be involved in the change they are experiencing and gain clarity of where shifts in thinking and behaviour to need to happen.

If you are working to transform HR, co-creating a compelling story and giving your people a safe space to talk about how they can work together towards a shared vision and purpose can be a valuable tool for change.

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