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Supporting organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and action at moments of change, making sense and shaping conversations with Big Pictures.

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Case Study

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“It helped people understand the importance of working end-to-end.”


The challenge: 

  • to help 20,000 engineers understand the end-to-end process, in order to make the rationale for change clear.

"The Right First Time programme was a major change programme: the problem was that it was working across so many areas end to end, and people couldn’t see where the individual projects fitted in. We were organised in stovepipes, from the service management centres through to the field engineers and external heavy engineering teams. They were all doing good things, but they couldn’t see how it joined up."*


"The system map that you put together was the first time anyone in Openreach had seen how everything fitted together on a single piece of paper, and it helped people understand the importance of working end-to-end. With the material you made for us, managers could explain to everyone how the whole thing fitted together.

The feedback we got back from the Operations Managers who used the maps and the reference material was that it got people engaged – they got that this wasn’t just top-down command-and-control hitting them from above, but a programme that would benefit the individual as well as the company, and that was endeavouring to get everyone to work together."*


*Duncan Gray – Director, Service Delivery Transformation Deployment