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Supporting organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and action at moments of change, making sense and shaping conversations with Big Pictures.

case study E


Case Study:

E.ON Customer Operations

“The process enabled the facilitators to tease out some of the underlying issues and take a whole slew of actions as a result.” Vanessa Northam – Customer Engagement Manager


The challenge: 

  • To help all colleagues in a newly-formed Customer Ops function understand the case for change and make sense of the strategic initiatives being implemented

"A new function was created that included all of our office and contact centres as well as the people who read and fit meters. This new structure is complex and we needed something simple and tangible to demonstrate how everybody was part of our mission to be #1 for customer satisfaction in the UK energy industry.

Firstly, we wanted to make sure that all our colleagues knew that they were part of Customer Operations and understood how it was structured. Secondly, we wanted people to understand why we had to change. Lastly, we wanted to help them make sense of all the disparate initiatives and how they all add up to our vision to become #1 for service."*


“You spent time interviewing all of the key senior leaders and stakeholders and then quickly brought us all back together again - to realise that we hadn’t got one strategy, we had about ten!

You very tactfully got them to ask “Ok, so what is our strategy?” and this was massively valuable because the leadership team were all running their own large functions and being quite siloed. It also brought the leadership team together to say ‘We’re behind this’ which hasn’t always been the case. We were very much guided by Delta7’s expertise when we launched it to our front line colleagues and the care and attention, the training and the support we got from you meant that the roll-out was absolutely superb.

The process enabled the facilitators to tease out some of the underlying issues and take a whole slew of actions as a result. Our recent Employee Engagement survey shows that 87% of our people now understand why our business needs to change. I’ve never worked in a business and seen that level of score! In some areas it was as high as 91%, demonstrating that our effort around our engagement with the Big Picture really paid off.”*


*Vanessa Northam – Customer Engagement Manager