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Supporting organisations to bridge the gap between strategy and action at moments of change, making sense and shaping conversations with Big Pictures.

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Case Study:

Allianz Global Assistance - Global Integration

“We have become much clearer why we are doing the change process, where we want to go and the steps we have to take to get there.” Claudia Reichmuth - Director, Change Management


The challenge:

  • to engage 28 businesses in different countries in a complex and challenging process of global integration.

"We are a global company with many subsidiaries embarking on a very complex change process and it became apparent that nobody had a clear vision of where the company was going. We needed to understand the bigger picture; to get our Board and business leaders to clarify where the business was going and to agree a story they could tell the business about it. They hadn’t spent enough time together looking at this and I felt they needed something to help them in this process."*

Delta7’s response:

  • Interviewed the board of directors and aligned them around their vision and the change proposed with a draft depicting their vision.

  • Visual Dialogue input sessions were used to elicit feedback from employees which was fed back to the board and used in developing the final Big picture.

  • Trained story sharers in multiple countries, equipping the client with the internal capability to use the Big Picture tool to engage employees across the business.

"Delta7 knew exactly what kinds of questions to ask to help the individual board members to tell their story. The first image really showed up the gaps in the leadership team’s story and engaged the Board members in a conversation to work out what exactly their vision was.

They helped the Board to see the importance of engaging the regional CEOs in this process, and gave us very good advice on how to use our Big Picture in the wider organisation to make sure that we could equip people across our complex organisation to use the tool locally.”*


“We have become much clearer why we are doing the change process, where we want to go and the steps we have to take to get there.

In a situation where people were getting quite tired and angry about the change process, the Big Picture was something that really made them feel interested and also understood because it’s their voice and their concerns in the picture.

I think the best thing about working with Delta7 is the way you understand that change needs the involvement of a lot of people – engagement through dialogue."*


*Claudia Reichmuth - Director, Change Management