Employee engagement

The quickest way to disengage people is to talk at them.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) says that to increase the levels of employee engagement, an organisation needs to:

• create and communicate a compelling strategic narrative

• develop more engaging managers

• increase employee voice in the business

• create and communicate business values with integrity

Delta7′s Visual Dialogue will help you do all four of these things. Visual Dialogue is a powerful way to increase the level of employee engagement with your strategic narrative – without the limitations of language can often get in the way of productive communication.

Our employee engagement process guides the leadership team towards creating a compelling strategic narrative that people can quickly identify with.  It also ensures that the employee voice is included so that the final picture speaks to the employees’ experience as much as it does to the leadership vision.  This sends a powerful message that the leadership team is willing to listen to honest feedback, resulting in increased levels of engagement at all levels of the organisation.

We then help our clients to develop a core team of facilitators with the skills to roll the Visual Dialogue process out across the organisation and to evaluate and action the feedback and insights gained in the process.  In addition, this team of facilitators becomes a visible bridge between the leadership and the workforce.

Throughout the roll out process, employees at all levels have the opportunity to make sense of what the leadership team’s vision means to them, to make connections between their experiences and those of the leadership and to explore what part they can play in moving the organisation forward.

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