Corporate values

We’ll help you create a set of corporate values for your organisation that people will want to live up to.

Our Corporate Values creation process encourages people to use their own deeply-held values as the start point for creating an agreed set of behavioural guidelines to help the business achieve its strategic goals.

A core team of “values champions” collect and then share perspectives from across the organisation. We work closely with the team to develop and launch a new or refreshed set of corporate values built on the principles that already motivate people to do well.

The values champions then conduct a series of Visual Dialogues across the business that encourage people to make sense of the values in terms of the everyday workplace situations and challenges they face, in the process raising awareness of what needs to change.  This is the reverse of the usual top-down way of rolling out value and behaviour frameworks.

In addition to supporting the team through facilitation training and coaching, we encourage them to take a leadership role by exploring what it means for them embody the values visibly. At the same time we help integrate the  process of widening awareness into existing (or new) performance management frameworks.

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