Behaviour change

Creating a new strategy is only the start. The real challenge is getting people to do things differently.

Behaviour change is challenging to achieve in any context. Ultimately, no one can dictate, demand or force others to change their behaviour.

The most constructive thing that leaders can do to achieve behavioural change is to set the stage for people to want to change on their own.

Rather than imposing change on employees, they need to figure it out for themselves if they are going to be committed to the changes in the long run.  It is crucial that leaders create space for employees to weigh up the options and evidence, decide what is important to them and to participate in deciding what changes need to happen. Visual Dialogue provides this space.

Visual Dialogue also helps bring up the otherwise unspoken issues and emotions that are so often barriers to behavioural change. Visual dialogue gets them out in the open to be acknowledged and dealt with.

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