What we do

Delta7 is a change consultancy specialising in board alignment, employee engagement and behaviour change using our unique Visual Dialogue methodology.

We help leaders and their senior teams develop strategy and engage their employees and stakeholders in a two-way dialogue about the journey the business is on. We help them to model the behaviours the organisation needs and to inspire other teams and individuals to take action to create change.

We have a core team of ten employees and a network of associates representing a rich blend of skills in consultancy, visualisation, facilitation and coaching.

7 Key Benefits:

1. Greater understanding of and commitment to what needs to change

2. Better and more engaging conversations about change

3. Everyone understands where they fit into the change journey and the part they can play

4. Breaks down silos

5. Stronger manager-employee relations

6. An aligned and motivated leadership team

7. Increased credibility in leaders to lead change

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