Visual Dialogue

Visual Dialogue is a facilitated conversation catalysed by a Delta7 Big Picture.

Our ‘Big Pictures’ are powerful representations of the kinds of issues that organisations need their employees to engage with. Our Picture Creation Methodology ensures that the these pictures speak to everyone’s experience with the result that they create full engagement wherever they are used.

Visual Dialogue encourages open and honest conversation about the complex challenges the organisation faces, promoting team alignment and individual learning that is ultimately focused on individual responsibility for action.

Visual Dialogue takes place around three kinds of pictures:

Our story maps have a clear narrative structure, transforming a complex issue into a compelling story using powerful imagery and metaphors of employees’ day-to-day experiences to bring the issue to life.

Our system maps lay out the way that a particular system works showing the interaction of the many constituent parts and processes that contribute towards its overall functioning so help improve understanding of the business

Our behaviour maps are collections of visual vignettes that act as a starting point for exploring change at a local level. These maps can be in the form of single images or sets of cards for use in a variety of workshop environments.

What sort of complex issues can visual dialogue help with?

Visual dialogue can help engage employees and facilitate behavioural change around a range of complex issues from entire corporate strategies to the need to become more competitive.

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