Delta7 process

Visual Dialogue is a facilitated conversation catalysed by a Delta7 Big Picture.

Our ‘Big Pictures’ are powerful representations of the kinds of issues that organisations need their employees to engage with. Our Picture Creation Methodology ensures that the these pictures speak to everyone’s experience with the result that they create full engagement wherever they are used.

Visual Dialogue encourages open and honest conversation about the complex challenges the organisation faces, promoting team alignment and individual learning that is ultimately focused on individual responsibility for action.

Visual Dialogue requires strong core engagement skills particularly the ability to ask open, curious questions and be fully present and listen. We work to build these skills from the leadership team outwards to the manager community – leaving your organisation with the capability to have powerful two-way dialogue.

The Delta7 employee engagement process is staged over time, delivering clearly-defined outcomes for each stage. Confidence and ownership of the Big Picture and the story it tells grows quickly along with the sense of how it can be used to engage the rest of the business. The process includes review points where our clients can make ‘stop/go’ decisions and consider the best way to proceed for their organisations.

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