Case study: Using Visual Dialogue to create a community with a unified vision

Client: BT Human Resources Division


To create a sense of community in BT HR and bring people together with a unifying vision


BT has 6 lines of business plus its group operations, each with its own HR team.  The company has undergone massive change over the last 3 years with new technology creating new ways of working, new markets and new products.

With so much change and so many different areas of operation, BT’s HR function wanted to strengthen its vision and identity. The company brought in Delta7 to help create a sense of community and bring people together with a unifying vision – ‘People Experts at the Heart of Change.


Steve Heath, Head of Communications BT, Human Resources said:

“There are a number of things that stand out about Delta7’s Visual Dialogue process.  The actual technique itself is very engaging with a picture that’s full of imagery and colour and packed with details that provoke debate.  The process of getting small groups of people together with a facilitator to stand around the picture and talk about the journey is very engaging and everyone said they enjoyed the experience.

The picture itself is a great way to convey so many different messages and it brought those messages to life in a way that a normal document couldn’t hope to do.

Julian and Steve have the ability to be creative but they’re also very business focused.  They asked insightful questions and were easy to deal with.  Sometimes I worried that they were overloaded with information but they were able to synthesize it all and interpret it into the picture in a really succinct way. They delivered on time and to budget and were great fun to work with.”


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