Why pictures?

If poor communication is at the heart of most business problems, it makes sense to use a language everyone can understand.

Instead of leaders having to constantly explain what they mean to people, a Delta7 Big Picture will speak for itself.

Engagement with important messages won’t happen unless there is a meaningful connection between the cares and concerns of leadership and the cares and concerns of employees. Our Big Pictures are enriched with content from employees as well as from leaders – bringing those concerns together in one place, often for the first time.

When people see their own experiences represented visually, they naturally want to talk about them.  When they see how their experiences relate to the leadership’s vision and strategy, the stage is set for a highly engaging conversation.

Representing employees’ experiences, good or bad, encourages a very honest and open conversation. Unspoken issues and emotions are often the biggest barriers to behavioural change.

Visual dialogue gets these issues out in the open so that they can be productively dealt with. By allowing this kind of content into the picture the leadership team sends a strong message that they are prepared to listen to their employees, resulting in increased employee engagement.

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