Why Delta7?

Why Delta7?

Our focus on transformation

Using pictures to improve understanding is a great end in itself, but keeps the approach within the old top-down communication formula.  People may understand better, but that doesn’t mean they’ll care any more.  We designed Visual Dialogue from the ground up as an employee engagement and business change tool, designed to improve the way people interact, not just how much they understand.

Our breadth of experience

We first started making pictures for businesses back in the mid-nineties, when the whole idea was a novelty for most people.  We now have in-depth experience in very large organisations across all industry sectors. We also work with smaller commercial organisations, public sector bodies and not-for-profits.

It’s unlikely there’s a business problem we haven’t encountered in some way before, and our huge portfolio of past employee engagement and change work gives us a wealth of ideas to enrich current projects.

Additionally, we have a unique fusion of business and visual literacy.  Our consulting and creative staff are cross-trained to ensure that those with deep industry expertise are equally visually literate and vice versa.  Having a single methodology that covers both disciplines is the secret to the quality of our outputs.

The quality we deliver

Visual Dialogue as a process has a proven track record, as our past clients testify.

Our picture creation methodology is second to none, drawing its theoretical foundations from various fields of academic research including visual semiotics, metaphor theory, organisational storytelling and cognitive science.

This means the quality of our visualisations is exceedingly high.  We can scale effortlessly from simple story messages to highly complex and ambiguous content, making both appear intuitive and compelling.

But the pictures are not an end in themselves.  The only reason we insist on producing outstanding visuals is that we believe the quality of the stimulus has a direct bearing on the quality of employee engagement.  When the picture is well designed and meaningful, facilitating dialogue sessions becomes easier, the content is better understood, and the impact of the intervention increases.

Our attitude

As you’ll soon find out, every one of us has a passionate commitment to seeing positive change in organisations.  The reason we do what we do is because we’ve found something that works.

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