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Company origins

Julian Burton started Delta 7 in 1998, and worked for several years as a graphic facilitator for business leaders, spending his time listening and capturing  hundreds of strategy discussions.  With a background in medical illustration, he found huge demand for his ability to represent complex information in simple visual form.

Over time Julian developed an interest in employee engagement and change, particularly the role of conversation as a process of meaning making and transformation. This led to the creation of Visual Dialogue.

In 2007 Julian joined forces with Steve Whitla, a change consultant turned artist with the same remarkable ability for visually simplifying complex and abstract information.  Steve had previously been working for KPMG (subsequently Atos) Consulting, where he developed an innovative methodology for visual investigation and rich picture creation.  His research interests focus on linguistics and visual language.

Delta7 currently has 10 permanent employees and a wide range of associates.

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